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The Kandinsky Prize announced the long list

We are happy to remind you that the Kandinsky Prize ceremony will be held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Petrovka this fall.

There are many nominees, here are some noticeable: Viktor Alimpiev ("Evil Land"), Yan Ginzburg ("Closed Fish Exhibition. Reconstruction", the author's hall), Polina Kanis ("Toothless Resistance"), Irina Korina ("On Rest "), Andrey Kuzkin (" Prayers and Heroes "), Taus Makhacheva ("A Cloud Clinging to a Mountain ").

You can find all the nominees on By the way, any Russian artist can become a contender for the Kandinsky Prize: you just need to nominate yourself.

As the British Turner Prize and the French Marcel Duchamp Prize, the Kandinsky Prize is considered one of the most important national awards in the contemporary art field. The works of the finalists and winners were exhibited in Riga, Berlin, London and Barcelona.