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Perm Art Gallery

Our business is a business of iron people, iron nerves, and quick decisions in the most difficult situations.

A week ago an exhibition of unique Russian church icons of the 19th - early 20th centuries was opened in the Perm Art Gallery. It marked the 300th anniversary of this beautiful Urals city. About 60 works for the exhibition that have been never exhibited before were provided by private collectors. Particularly, some works of art including icons, pictures and items of arts and crafts have been delivered by our company specialists - as you know, besides the exhibition business, we specialize in transportation of museum and gallery exhibits and cultural values.

However, even the most well-organized scheme can be disrupted by force majeure. In the middle of the trip from Moscow to Perm the car carrying the exhibits broke down. We had only five hours to solve the problem because we were pressed with the opening date of the exhibition. But thanks to prompt action and help of the tow truck (which had to drag the car about 1000 km), we have successfully delivered the works of art on time.

We at Global Event Logistics can once again confirm: no matter how complex the project, our experts will overcome any force majeure and cope with any task for its successful implementation and for the benefit of our favorite customers!